10 Things you did not know about saffron

10 Things you did not know about saffron

10 thing did not know about saffron

From the famous Spanish paella and bouillabaisse from Southern France to Italian and Indian rice, saffron is a spice without the cuisines of the world would not be the same. We invite you to discover more about the “red gold” gastronomy.

1. For 1 kg of fresh saffron it takes 130,000-250,000 flowers

Each flower produces only three stamens, which are picked by hand, and dries. For a gram of powdered saffron you need hundreds of fine threads. The good thing is that for a perfect flavour you only need very little saffron because otherwise you’ll get a bitter taste.

2. Saffron has the most beautiful origin

Saffron delicate hairs are actually stamens of a flower (Crocus Sativus). Be careful though, not all produce saffron crocus flowers and some of them are even poisonous.

3. It is also called “red gold”

Saffron is one of the most precious ingredients in the culinary world that is why it is also called the “red gold”.

4. Behind the spice it submits a titanic work

Every flower that blooms only once a year, for only one week, produce three delicate stamens to be picked up by hand, that has to be dried also very delicate.

5. Where is produced

Saffron was introduced to Europe through Spain since fourteenth century and today this country has 70% of the world market. You can purchase quality saffron here.

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6. Beware of fake saffron

Saffron will always be expensive. If you see this spice at very low prices better not buy it. Saffron contains chemicals counterfeit and has far the same flavour. Best quality saffron will tickle your nose even through a plastic bag. If you want to be sure just buy saffron from Spain.

7. Saffron is a long-term investment

You invest a fortune in this spice but you can sit quietly because saffron lasts over two years in your kitchen. Just keep it in a cool, dark place.

8. For the most intense flavour try tea with saffron

Saffron releases its scents when is placed in contact with hot water. It takes about 20 minutes then the wires of saffron continue to release colour and odor in the next 24 hours. That is why saffron has better taste the next day.

9. Saffron must be prepared before being added to food

Saffron’s aroma is released to heat so reddish fillings should not be soaked in warm liquid before being added to foods. You can use water, milk or wine and the resulting liquid will be added into food towards the end of the cooking range. Do not put saffron directly in oils or other fats because it will not release its aroma.

10. Where can you buy it?

Best quality saffron can be bought simply and directly from here. They import this fantastic spice from Spanish’s best crops where saffron flower is picked only manually.

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