5 Amazing Benefits Of Saffron During Pregnancy

5 Amazing Benefits Of Saffron During Pregnancy

Saffron is one of the most expensive spice in the world due to its colour, flavour and medicinal properties. It has very impressive health benefits that was used on traditional dishes as a spice and has also made its way to be a medical supplement, often recommended to be consumed even by pregnant women. However, it is advisable that a woman should consume saffron in moderation during pregnancy, and not overconsume it as exceeding the advised dosage amount can actually cause harm the unborn baby.

In this article, we will cover the proven benefits of eating saffron during pregnancy and tips to consume it safely.

Does Saffron Helps to Make Baby Fair?

Historically, many believe that consuming saffron during pregnancy will increase the likelihood that your baby will have fair skin when in fact, it is actually a myth because a baby’s skin colour completely depends upon the genes and the melanin amount in the skin. Though saffron can’t make your baby’s fair, it does help to give your baby’s skin a radiant glow and ensures the baby will have healthy skin.

What is the Benefits of Consuming Saffron During Pregnancy?

  1. Saffron Improves Digestion
    As digestion becomes weak during the pregnancy period, it is recommended to have saffron infused with milk or porridge, where it will give you relief from digestive issues including bloating, constipation and indigestion.
  2. Saffron Relieves Morning Sickness
    Morning sickness is a major problem that moms face during the first trimester. Anecdotal evidence proves that saffron infused tea often gives you relief from nausea and dizziness.
  3. Saffron Controls Mood Swings
    Most women will experience several hormonal changes during their pregnancy, and that has a profound effect on their feelings. At times, they may go from cranky at one moment to being impulsive or depressed in the next. Saffron supplementation can help elevate mood and act as an anti-depressant to make you feel calm and composed.
  4. Saffron Promotes a Better Sleep
    The growing belly, hormonal surges, and stretching bones can be a challenge for mothers to sleep at night. It is recommended to have saffron milk before sleep, since it contains sedative properties that aids in sleep disorder and enables you to feel relaxed.
  5. Saffron Reduces Hair Loss
    Hormonal fluctuations often cause an increase in hair fall. Many pregnant women claim that applying a paste of liquorice, milk and saffron to their balding spots can help nourish their hair from within.

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Tips on Taking Saffron Safely During Pregnancy

  1. Consume it in moderate amount – Having anything in excess can be harmful. You should be cautious on the quantity of saffron to be added into food and drinks. Taking 10g or more can lead to contractions as saffron tends to stimulate the uterus. To be on the safer side, the best way is to get medical advice from your gynaecologist, so you can confidently enjoy the benefits of saffron during your pregnancy. Not only that, you should definitely avoid fake saffron that is available aplenty in the market as these fake saffron not only doesn’t have the right properties to help provide nourishment, they may contain harmful chemicals from their harvesting process.
  2. Take advice from experienced mothers – Approach someone who had saffron during pregnancy and get their feedback, so that they can help you to determine whether it is something worth trying based on their positive or negative experiences.

Saffron can be a great addition to your diet if you’re undergoing pregnancy. It may not make your baby’s skin fair but it’ll keep it healthy, just remember to consume it in moderation. If you’re looking for quality saffron, look no further than Saffron Store. We source only the highest quality saffron in the market to ensure that you get all the benefits Saffron can provide.


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