Cooking with Saffron

Cooking with Saffron

Do you know just a small pinch of saffron can draw out the maximum flavour, colour and aroma into a dish? Saffron is expensive for a reason. It is meticulously harvested flower stamens that has a subtly earthy & grassy flavour & aroma, yet sweet, similar to floral & honey. It transforms a long list of dishes, adding a mysterious allure to everything from risottos and milk puddings to rich curries and fish stews.

These are the reasons why the use of saffron has been on the rise with the growing trend of replacing as a natural additives instead of chemical substances. For example, saffron has been used for:

  • Food production such as sausage and margarine
  • Dairy production of all kinds of cheese, for butter, and so on.
  • Production of a variety of desserts, such as fruitcakes, muffins and baking powders.
  • Used as a flavouring and colouring agent to make hot saffron tea, saffron milk and cold saffron beverage, saffron ice cream, saffron jelly drinks.

Hailing from the Middle East, saffron is by far the most frequently used in Asian, European and Mediterranean cuisine. Nonetheless, this spice is also used in variety of dishes around the globe, for instance Spanish paella and other Greek and Italian rice dishes to rich Indian recipes and Swedish saffron buns. Since the simmering process is necessary to unleash the maximum flavour of saffron, it is ideal to put in dishes that have a significant amount of liquid like bouillabaisse and risotto. Similarly, in Germany and England, saffron makes an amazingly delicious namesake cake: a treat to remember.

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All in all, saffron can be used in making different foods, drinks and desserts. It is important to grind an appropriate amount of saffron each time and not use too much which could overpower the flavour. Take a look below on how you can use saffron in many different ways:

Saffron in drinks

Grind saffron into powder and pour it into a saltshaker. Shake it two or three times into your cup of tea or coffee and mix it. If you would like to quench your thirst in the heat of summer, saffron sherbet will be the best iced cold drinks for you to easily make from home. Simply by adding ground saffron and sugar into cold water and “voila”, a glass of refreshing cooling saffron sherbet is done in no time!

Saffron in desserts

By adding ground saffron as the final mixture in the process of making an ice cream, not only it can increase its nutritional and medicinal value but also brings a lightly golden colour to its distinctive aroma. It is also advisable to add saffron into dairy products like milk, yogurt, cream and yogurt drinks as it brings out the beneficial components of the saffron. Aside from that, adding saffron into desserts like pudding, cakes, and cookies will also bring you a very pleasant result that it’s delicate in flavour but so deeply aromatic that you can’t stop eating it.

Saffron in foods

Saffron can be used to enhance the flavour and colour of many types of food, such as kebab, grilled chicken, halva, and fish. It is something that you should invest on as this spice remains one of the culinary world’s most precious commodities that are able to bring unparalleled flavour to a wide variety of dishes.

Even though it’s a pricey addition, but with the multiple methods of adding saffron to dishes, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of those stamens to your cooking endeavours. Now you know the uses of saffron, purchase quality saffron at Saffron Store and make the best out of your saffron investment today!


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