Easy Ways to Cook With Saffron

Easy Ways to Cook With Saffron

easy ways to cook

Because it’s so strong and because it’s so expensive, it’s good to learn how to cook with saffron so you don’t waste any of it or ruin a dish by using too much. Consider a few simple tips.

Saffron is one of the most expensive yet one of the most valuable spices in the world. It is rich with antioxidants that help to bolster your immune system and protect every cell of your body. It is also very pungent and aromatic, so that you only need a pinch when using it in the kitchen.

Rice Dishes

Because rice is so bland, it’s good to use a spice that is very strong to give it some added flavour and zest. You can also give it some colour when you cook with this exotic spice! For a simple dish you might add a pinch of saffron to a pot of rice, or combine it with a few other simple ingredients. Cloves and cinnamon are good choices as their sweetness offsets the pungent flavour of the spice. You might also cook your rice in chicken broth or stock as this can also give it some extra flavour, and the saffron brings out the flavour of the broth even more so. I found quality saffron to buy here.

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Pulao is a traditional Indian rice dish and this uses cumin, garlic, and ginger as ingredients. These too work well with saffron for a very exotic and flavourful dish. A cup of plain yogurt gives it a smooth and creamy texture.


Where you might add vanilla, you can cook with saffron as well. This will give your desserts a fresh flavour but one that is a bit more aromatic and fragrant. When making any type of pastry, custard, or pie, try this spice instead but use only a pinch where you might add the vanilla. You’ll notice a very pungent yet sweet taste and something that is very unique.

Light Meats and Vegetables

Light meats like chicken and fish and vegetables like onions also need a kick of flavour and here too you might cook with saffron for a unique taste. These too only need a pinch and you can dissolve the spice in a broth so it can be absorbed more readily. Be sure to add it early on when cooking so the spice isn’t overpowering, and you may find it to be your new favourite in the kitchen.

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