Saffron For Asthma and Respiratory Illness

Saffron For Asthma and Respiratory Illness

safforn For Asthma and Respiratory Illness

A number of herbs are utilized to treat and stop some of the diseases and illnesses. Saffron is such a herb which will help deal with respiratory conditions by working as a decongestant, which help in loosening mucus congestion perfectly found on the chest which leads to respiratory illness. Additionally, it works just as one expectorant, which lets you expel the mucus, the leading reason for respiratory problems

You must be very well aware of the importance of the respiration which is very vital for the survival as it ensures availability of oxygen to body tissues and cells whereas it helps in removing the harmful gas i.e carbon dioxide. But what if you are unable to respire effectively and feel like difficult in inhaling and exhaling air which was once very easy? What can you expect?
Well you might be handicapped with one of the inflammatory diseases of the lungs i.e asthma which is known for impairing 10%-12% of world population immoderately acting on kiddies.

Saffron is an effective treatment for asthma as well as conditions of the kidney and liver. Asthma mainly occurs due to inflammation of lung tissue and the narrow airways. Saffron helps in clearing the airways since it reduces the inflammation. This facilitates easy breathing that helps reduce the severity of an asthmatic attack.

It has been traditionally prescribed to control phlegm, improve respiratory function and as a lung tonic. Saffron has bronchodilator effects it helps in improving pulmonary oxygenation hence it’s used in conditions like whooping cough, asthma, cold, cough, throat ailments etc.


Medical disclaimer : This information, downloaded from various websites, are intended solely for general purpose. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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