The Healing Powers of Saffron Tea

The Healing Powers of Saffron Tea

The Healing Powers of Saffron Tea

Heart Disease Protection

Antioxidants in saffron tea can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The flavonoids, especially lycopene, found in saffron can provide added protection. A clinical trial at the Department of Medicine and Indigenous Drug Research Center showed positive effects of saffron on cardiovascular disease. The study involved 20 participants showed improved health, but those with cardiovascular disease showed more progress.

Saffron tea was treasured by ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks for use in folk medicine, and to create culinary and herbal delights. Saffron, a member of the lily family, is the delicate part of the flower that catches pollen. The bright red stigmas of the saffron plant are carefully picked, leaving behind a golden stamen. Recent clinical trials have proved the herb to have potential health benefits, according to Michael Murray, N.D author of “The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods.”

Anti-Cancer Properties

The rich, golden color of saffron tea comes from crocin, a chemical component in the flower that is loaded with antioxidants. According to Murray, crocin inhibit human cancer cells and can potentially shrink tumor cells. Carotenoids, the natural pigments prompting the yellow hue found in saffron, protect the body from diseases, stress and viruses. Preparing saffron tea is simple. Use three threads of saffron or less, toss into hot water and steep for a minimum of 20 minutes. Add a cinnamon stick to reduce bitterness of the saffron.

Saffron was generally used to treat light to moderate depression; it had the reputation to bring cheerfulness and wisdom. Because of the mood elevation affect Saffron is known to have, it is said to be useful for treating anxiety, depression, weight loss & improving sex drive for men and women.


Medical disclaimer : This information, downloaded from various websites, are intended solely for general purpose. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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