How to use the King of all spices, Saffron?

How to use the King of all spices, Saffron?

When saffron is called the “king of all spices”, it is not called for nothing. Its fragrant slight sweet and floral spice brings brilliant uses and benefits gastronomically and therapeutically. Saffron is used in various industries such as the food and beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dyes.

Food and beverages

Saffron has become a stapled ingredient in many kitchens all over the world due to its world-renowned exotic flavour and aromatic perfume. Crocin, picrocin and safranal are the essential chemical elements in saffron that offers a yellowish colour of spicy flavour with a hay-like of aroma. The harmonization of elements in this exotic condiment makes it a perfect blend with other herbs and spices as well as savoury and sweet dishes as a gustatory delight.

Well paired fresh herbs with saffron: thyme, rosemary, basil and cilantro
Best flavours with saffron: cardamom, cinnamon, honey, almonds, cheese, sauces, vinegar and garlic
Other remarkably well food with saffron: rice, pasta, chicken, seafood, lamb, tomato-based soups, pastry and desserts

Note that a little pinch of saffron goes a long way as it has a pleasantly strong sweet smell and flavour. Thus, a right amount of saffron in your dish is important to avoid an unbalanced and overwhelmed flavour. Follow our kitchen recipes to add that midas touch to your diet.

Other than enhancing flavour in dishes, saffron is a flexible ingredient used to spice up non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Saffron is often drank with water, milk, tea and juices to overcome many health benefits such as digestive health, insomnia, inflammation, menstrual cramps and more. The exotic spice is also enjoyed during celebrations and events with alcohols like gin and tonic, champagne, vodka and white wine.

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Saffron is prescribed as a medication for loosening phlegm (sedative), cough (expectorant), anti-asthma, insomnia, cancer, intestinal gas, heartburn, Alzheimer’s disease and depression. With the anti-depressant properties in saffron treating depression, improving mood and reducing stress, saffron had a reputation for potential aphrodisiac properties to increase interest in sex. Saffron is used to treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the flow of menstruation, prevents premature ejaculation and treatment of male infertility. To understand further about how saffron benefits your health, visit saffron supplements.


Saffron has been a time-honoured beauty ingredient possessed to nurture our skin. Saffron beauty products that you may come across are saffron soap, hair oil, facial mask, skin toner, eye cream, day cream and night cream.

The presence of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in the saffron skin care products help treat acne and breakouts while its natural ingredients helps pigment reduction and brown spots. Saffron is an outstanding skin toner for nourishing, refreshing and improving skin complexion. The spice also consists of healing and lightening properties to lighten scar marks and remove suntan. Saffron infused hair oil is another beauty usage of saffron with antioxidants that is excellent for healthy scalp and nourishes the hair, making it healthy, strong and shiny.

Start pampering yourself with our saffron facial masks such as saffron sandalwood, saffron milk, and saffron basil for a blemish free and radiant skin.

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